Past Projects

Plantation Site Preparation

RAM has been conducting site preparation and land management activity throughout the Otways and Ballarat regions for over 40years.

For the 2018/19 season we prepared private sites for a client throughout the Otways for re-planting in winter. This involves raking and/or heaping large amounts of slash, debris and scrub. Each site varied with topography, steepness, soil, and ground coverage of debris. RAM worked with the client to determine a best strategy - whether to heap & burn, sweep into windrows to decompose and fertilise, or a combination of both. Core aim is always to maximise planting area & minimise soil disturbance.


Truck & Trailer Cartage

Our Tipper and Trailer operates all throughout Central West Victoria from the Otways through to the Bellarine, West Melb and up to Ballarat. When not working on our own excavation jobs we can be seen at the quarries or large developments around the area. Hardox bins allow us to cart heavy rock, concrete or steel as well as clay, sand or dirt with a maximum legal load limit of 29.8tonnes or 24m3.

Highview, Highton Site Excavation

Quality work delivered on time and on budget

"We had a sloping block in Highton and wanted to maximise the space on the land for our house and create a large level play area for our kids.  That required our site to be cut to 3 levels, with an extra cut on the lower for our garage.

The RAM guys performed the work in a timely manner, using some of the dirt to fill and compact as required, while having the rest carted away.  They were able to work through some issues onsite, including sourcing tools to break up some rock.

Really happy with their professional manner and ability to deliver on budget." - ADAM (client)


Plantation Firebreak Slashing

Firebreaks are a crucial part of any pine plantation management plan - particularly on this 1000acre property in Dereel. Our dedicated tractor & slasher is scheduled according to peak grass length and before the real threat of fire becomes imminent.

Dereel Plantation Windblown damage

Located near Ballarat, Dereel is prone to extreme winds during Winter. Unfortunately during one exceptionally windy winter this pine plantation suffered heavy damage, falling 100's of mature pines throughout the property. To reduce the threat of fire, dangerous limbs & branches, as well as keeping rows open for travel, it was decided to clear the damage. Bringing in harvesting machines was not a viable exercise, so with our CAT rubber tracked multiterrain loader and chainsaws we went about dragging the pines out of the plantation and processing by hand ready for loading onto transport for export.